Dr Helena Morris

Dr Helena Morris is an accomplished Specialist GP with a distinctive focus on medical weight and obesity management. With close to two decades of experience in diverse clinical settings and locations worldwide, she has developed a profound understanding of the impact that overweight and obesity conditions can have on a patient’s overall health and wellbeing.

Renovo Health Weight Management Canberra - Active Lifestyle

Dr Helena earned her medical degree from the University of New South Wales and gained experience in several locations, including a research phase at King’s College, London.

Dr Helena also holds a Masters in Public Health from the University of Sydney and is fully SCOPE Certified in obesity treatment by the World Obesity Federation.

For almost a decade, Dr Helena has served as a Specialist GP. She also works with ACT Health as a Staff Specialist in the Eating Disorders Program, offering valuable insights into the management of eating disorders. Dr Helena is the ACT State Lead for the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners Special Interest Group in Obesity Management.

In 2023, she decided to establish Renovo Health, a dedicated medical obesity and weight management clinic. Her motivation stemmed from a growing concern over the lack of adequate medical services for overweight and obese patients in Canberra.

Dr Helena’s multifaceted background, combining her experience as a GP, her insights from working with eating disorders, and her knowledge of Public Health, equips her to comprehensively understand the wide-reaching consequences of overweight and obese conditions for her patients. She uses this breadth of experience to identify the most effective and compassionate medical approach for all her patients.